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For eighteen years Harmony Color has been committed to creating museum quality Giclée fine art digital prints of the highest quality. Our extensive list of fine art clients includes painters, photographers, publishers and art galleries. Many of these prints are exhibited in major museums throughout the world such as the Corcoran Gallery, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Art Museum and several others.
We welcome your visit to our gallery, print studio, imaging lab and custom art framing facility. We do hope to have the privilege of visiting with you here at our facility in Los Angeles, where you will experience first-hand, our professional production as well as our enthusiasm for bringing your art to the final print. We look forward to speaking you and working together.  

• Fine Art Giclée Prints on Epson 9900

• Archival Watercolor and Canvas Prints up to 44” x 88”

• Fine Art Direct Digital Scans from original art up to 6400ppi

• Digital Photography of Artwork (High Resolution)

• State of the art high resolution scans from transparencies, slides or photos

• Embellishing

• Stretching services 0.75”, 1.4” and 2” bars. Full color gallery wrap available

• Photographic services, high quality slides

• Prints from digital files, photographs

• We design and maintain Artist Websites

• Digital imaging services, retouching, sizing, watermarks and archiving

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To the Art Community
Who we are
We can enlarge your photographs and artwork on archival canvas. To start just upload your photograph or image and let us know how big you would like it printed.  

Scanning and Proofing.We are on top of your job from start to finish. When you call us, your questions are answered by our professional staff. You select the services you prefer. Then we create a digital photograph or scan of the original artwork. We can scan direct form the original with a large flat bed scanner or we can scan the transparency or photograph or start with a digital image. Next the technical staff match the colors, tones and details of the scanned image to the original work of art. You check the proofs and collaborate with us to ensure that your goals for the print are achieved. When a print is digitally produced many creative possibilities exist such as color, contrast, blemishes removed and compositions altered. Once we have an approved proof we begin printing your order. 

Printing, Curating and Enhancing-We take pride in making your image come to life, inspecting each print for the correctness and quality you demand of Harmony Color. Because prints can be produced on an as needed basis, there is no need for a large inventory. The publishers many conduct market tests and artists may self-publish. Adding the final touches to each print enhances their quality while increasing their longevity and value. We offer protective uv coatings, varnishes, stretching canvas, hand embellished brush strokes with gel or acrylic paint metallic applications and free paper deckling and trimming. We frame store or box according to your needs and ship to your location. 

Committed to Excellence-Your choice of Harmony Color offers you one of the most discriminating and important decisions you will make for the work that has touched your heart and inspired your imagination. Many hands have gone into the creation of your fine art print by those who refuse to compromise with the ideals and standards of excellence, to bring you our best in printing. 

Artists may hand embellish their prints with acrylic paint, pastels, gel or colored pencils. Associated with our studio is our highly respected custom framing service in which we offer hand-painted frames. We can complete your project from conception to presentation. Harmony Color is fine art operation that focuses on Giclée printing. We are a full artist resource. Get your artwork scanned, archived, proofed, printed, coated, stretched and framed. We can assist artists as well as photographers. We encourage our clients to share on social media and also offer web hosting for clients. 

Harmony Color is a master of the Giclée printing process. Founded by artists close to twenty years ago at the inception of the Giclee printmaking process, we are committed to fine art and the creation of museum quality Giclee prints. Many are shown in major museums throughout the world. We do creative photo enlargements on archival canvas and paper. Over 20 years of scanning technical and artistic experience have gone into the make-up of our company. We were one of the founding members of the Fine Art Digital Printmaking Association and have led the way in establishing industry standards for permanence and authenticity.. Experience counts in this business. You will see the difference in the creative touch and care we put into every print. 

We work with publishers and artist and photographers with high volume printing needs as well as taking the time and artistry for the artist who needs just a few prints. We serve the vision of the artist and photographer and put you in the driver’s seat, while using state of the art technology. By satisfying the most discriminating tastes, we have become the artist’s and gallery’s choice for fine art prints.

Why is Giclée printing with Harmony Color the way of the future?
Professional workmanship provides a high level of quality with Harmony Color. Our work ethic, enthusiasm, and training distinguish us. The apparent resolution of the digital is higher than a traditional lithographic print and has a wider color gamut than serigraphy. Giclée prints render deep saturated color and have a beautiful painterly quality that retains minute detail, subtle tins and blends.
A variety of substrates can be used. These include archival watercolor papers (such as Arches, Somerset, digital fine papers, glossy paper and cotton duck canvas. The prints may or may not be hand-embellished by the artist using any of a variety of media such a as paint, ink or gold foil stamping for a mixed media effect.
There are a myriad of possibilities open to the artist when working with digital media, from something as simple as eliminating a signature and retouching to radically modifying the color, contrast and composition of the original work.
It is cost effective. The highest quality printing made affordable because the edition can be printed on an “as needed” basis, eliminating a substantial up-front investment. Publishers can control inventory by printing only what is needed. There is no obligation to print the whole edition. This opens up new possibilities for artists and publishers to join the art world.

You may arrange as many prints as possible on one sheet for the same price. A full-size strip proof is also available. UV and light, water resistant post-coatings and sealers and complimentary for editions over 5. Tearing for hand deckled edges are available. Precutting is complimentary. We will gladly bid a large volume project at reduced rates. Call us for pricing.

Cotton Duck Canvas$20 additional per sheet or $100 per sheet 

How to submit your work for printmaking at Finer Image

1.Call us first and then send in the original art work, transparency, negative, or upload your image.
2.Send in payment for the scanning/imaging or a deposit of one half of the estimated order.
3.Sign and send the request for printmaking specifications. 

At Harmony Color we use only Epson archival inks, no cheaper after-market generic substitutes. Harmony Color can print on a number of acid-free watercolor and printmaking papers as well as cotton duck canvas, photographic papers and translucent material. You may furnish your own unique papers. The following are our most popular sheets:

Arches cold press - 100% cotton fiber, mould made in France – 356 grams or 550 grams (34” x 46”), and a  wonderful warm watercolor archival sheet.
Somerset Radiant White Velvet – 100% cotton fiber, mould made in England – 300 grams velvet (smooth with slight tooth) or 500 grams textured (35” 47”), a very white watercolor sheet.
Translite – a heavy transparent material for backlit displays, beautiful rich photo-realistic color
Glossy, Matte, Semi-gloss papers (ideal for photo-realistic poster, signage).
Cotton Duck Archival Canvas – 100% cotton (35” x 47.5”), or rolls.
Tiles, acrylic block and sheet metal

Scheduling: Turnaround time depends on the number of prints in the edition. The printing process at Harmony Color is a two-step process including the color proofing and the final printing. We try to accommodate your deadlines. If timing is a critical issue, please advise us so we can work it out.

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What is a Giclée?

  Giclée (zhee-clay) is a French term, in this case meaning “spray of ink”. An Iris or Epson ink jet print on watercolor paper or canvas is a Giclée.

Expert Source For Fine Art Printing

Harmony Color Price List: (updated for April 2014)

Watercolor Epson Giclée Print $80 per sheet

    Proofing, scanning and setup charge for each original      $75

    Epson 9900 Giclée prints (8.5 cents /Sq.In.) or                  $12/Sq.Ft.

    Watercolor Paper or canvas                                                   $100 per sheet
                                                                                                    **NOW $80**

​                     "Ask about our “In by 9 out by 5 service”

   We only use genuine Epson UltraChrome HDR inks